How Invicti Security grew its pipeline by $5.4MM with web copy optimization


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“If it weren’t for Andrew, we’d still be struggling with copy and our sales team would be shuffling through low-quality leads. Now, we’ve got a tactical approach to our messaging and a huge influx of high-quality opportunities.

- Peter Attia
Former VP of Performance Marketing, Invicti Security™

Optimizing web copy conversions without expertise

Since 2005, Invicti Security has been a favorite among cybersecurity professionals. Over 3,300 companies around the world use the Invicti application security platform to reduce the risk of data breaches.

When VP of Performance Marketing Peter Attia started examining two of Invicti’s websites, he noticed they were attracting a lot of leads, but not converting enough high-value customers.

With a background in conversion rate optimization, Peter zoomed in on the homepages of each website and looked at the quality of leads they were pulling in.

“Our leads were mostly from SMB companies or one-man operations, and they weren’t going all the way through the pipeline. Executive visitors from larger companies converted at a higher rate, but the homepages weren’t generating enough leads in that segment.”

Peter had a theory about why they were capturing the wrong customer avatar, and an A/B test confirmed it.

The copy on the existing homepages had been written by tech professionals, for tech professionals, and sure enough, it was attracting technical leads from small companies.

Peter’s test copy, with more benefit-driven wording, brought in more qualified, decision-making executives.

Although Peter’s test earned his team the go-ahead to launch an intensive web copy rewrite, they didn’t have the time or expertise to see it through.

Peter says, “Our writers are very technical and were having trouble speaking to executive decision-makers. We needed someone who could upscale the copy and deliver results without a lot of hand-holding.”

Peter started hunting for a copywriter who could optimize the homepages for SaaS decision-makers. He knew it wouldn’t be an easy find, however, given the scarcity of specialized conversion writers in the space.

“It took a good six months to find the right person. I needed someone who was business-minded and conversion-focused, not just a good copywriter,” Peter says.

Specifically, he was looking for a conversion copywriter who could:

  1. Deliver significant growth in the sales pipeline.
  2. Optimize the Invicti homepages for decision-makers.
  3. Combine technical copywriting skills with a proven and self-directed process to maximize conversions.
  4. After an exhaustive search, Peter finally came across a name that was unanimously recommended by his contacts: Andrew Yedlin.


A specialized SaaS conversion copywriting expert

Andrew’s years of experience and past successes optimizing copy for highly technical products were the perfect fit to drive a profitable revamp of the Invicti websites.

Messaging research

To explore what language and messaging hierarchy would move the needle on the homepage conversions, Andrew needed data.

So, he dove into research about what the products delivered and why that was important to the decision-makers with the biggest budgets. He reviewed reams of product documentation and customer interviews, and spent time chatting with Invicti’s team.

“With other copywriters, their inability to handle technical topics was obvious. They would use fluffy words or write about features without checking to see if their wording was appropriate for our audience. Andrew was aware of that issue right off the bat. He did careful research about our product and QA with our team on his copy.”

Light user testing

Once he had a clear idea of what the messaging should look like, Andrew developed a concept and ran it through some simple 5-second user tests to see how visitors would behave on the new homepage.

The tests revealed an area of confusion that he quickly fixed.

Peter says, “Andrew’s approach was always strategic. Everything he’s written for us has absolutely smoked what we previously had.”

Writing and wireframing

With Andrew’s messaging validated, he fleshed out the copy to create a customer-centric experience that made the product more appealing to high-value leads.

Then, he delivered the copy in a wireframe so that Invicti’s designers would understand the strategic elements of the layout and flow.

“Andrew was very self-sufficient. He asked for what he needed, communicated really well with our team, and drove the entire approach. The way he managed the whole process, it was a very lightweight effort for us with a big gain.”


Andrew’s process leveraged repeated testing to learn what worked and continually improved upon his results.

With a tool called Wynter, he got feedback from a sample of target users to make sure the final concept would hit the mark.

Although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, Andrew’s keen eye found opportunities for refinement. He produced a subtle revision that made an impressive impact.

Peter says, “Andrew made a slight change with the Wynter feedback in mind and it actually showed a pretty dramatic improvement. The second version of that test showed an even bigger difference than the first.”

Team collaboration

Although Andrew’s outstanding results won over Invicti Security’s executive, his warm, collaborative manner with everyone he met made him feel like part of the home team.

“Andrew has been incredible at integrating with our team however we need. He’s in our Slack now, working with our people directly without me being a roadblock. Everyone here has a soft spot for him. We’ve even offered to fly him out for our next staff outing,” Pete says.


$5.4MM more opportunities in the sales pipeline

Andrew’s new copy for the two websites increased sales pipeline value by an incredible $5.4MM in annualized value.

Pete says, “If it weren’t for Andrew, we’d still be struggling with copy and our sales team would be shuffling through low-quality leads. Now, we’ve got a tactical approach to our messaging and a huge influx of high-quality opportunities.”

What put Andrew’s value over the top was his skillful application of conversion rate optimization processes. He used the right testing at the right time, and interpreted the data in the context of the SaaS executive audience to make tactical improvements that grew the pipeline.

Peter says, “In Andrew’s first test, sales-accepted leads grew 43% in the winning variation. And in his second iteration, they grew another 41%. Our pipeline has skyrocketed and everyone is massively impressed.”

Peter is thrilled to continue working with Andrew, and has even offered him a full-time seat on his team. Although Andrew is going to keep helping his many clients meet and exceed their conversion goals, there is no doubt there will be more success stories in his ongoing partnership with Invicti Security.

“Andrew is basically a superhero. He’s easy to work with, he’s a good guy, and he’s got a big heart. Our whole team feels the same way.”

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